The Journey Begins…

Since 2017 I have been writing for football website, This allowed me to combine my love of football and provide news to people in one package. The success I found at the website inspired me to become a journalist. This inspiration has taken form into doing a Masters degree at Nottingham Trent University in Broadcast Journalism.

I have already learnt many skills to help me chase my dream of becoming a journalist. I have leant to use adobe programs such as Premier, Audition and Photoshop. These tools have helped me produce content in order to showcase my skills.

henry news 2
Reporting about Nottingham Forest’s new plans to redevelop the City Ground

I have also discovered online tools such as Shorthand and WordPress. I have become comfortable when using them. Short hand is a fantastic tool to tell stories as it provides a multi-media interactive platform. This allows stories to become immersive and could be one of the best online places to share news stories.

While my ambition is to forge a career in football jouralism, discussing players and transfers and debating, my course has forced me out of my comfort zone to explore different areas of new and journalism. I have been to places and met people who I never would have. This ranges from a Windmall in the centre of Nottingham to court reporting on a fraud case.

In terms of people I have met so far, I have met millers, charity workers, football graphic artists, powerchair footballers and managers and many more. Meeting these poeple and sharing their stories has widened my horizons and I can not wait to see who I will meet next.

Presenting the news for CBJ

Some of the journalistic work I have done has included being on student television as a presenter. This experience was surreal as it mimicked the industry requirements very accurately. It taught me what to expect in a TV studio and also appreciate everything that goes into making a show from presenting to vision mixing.

I have also appeared Fly FM, Nottingham Trent Univeristy radio station, which has been great fun. The relaxed environment of the radio studio is a very under appreciated media platform. What made my experiences on radio even better has been doing with my friend Max Sieb. We were able to build a good rapport, this helped produce some memorable radio shows.

henry radio
In the radio studio.

I have learnt so much already and can not wait to see what else I can learn in order to add to my skill set.

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